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The Wizard of Oz provides the necessary environment for understanding a foreign language, particularly for English, Spanish, German and Japanese. With time we will introduce other languages as well, like Chinese or French. Contact The Wizard of Oz for booking your lessons.

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Any road and any flight of stairs starts with one step, but you need to persevere, because that is the way to victory.

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Everybody who is strong enough can take the highest mountain. It's necessary to believe this and the strength will come.

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We created The Wizard of Oz to suit people who want to learn, no matter of the background, age, race or anything else. Join us today!

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10 Essential Tips for Beginners

3rd of December 2018

1. Start2. Continue3. Continue4. Continue5. Continue6. Continue7. Continue8. Continue9. Continue10. If you've got this far, you are a winner.

New Course Schedule Announced

3rd of December 2018

Our lessons will start on the 3rd of December 2018. It's a brand new endeavour. Reach out quickly before the places are gone.

The Wizard of Oz Instructor Spotlight

3rd of December 2018

I believe that all people can learn a foreign language, provided that they want to.

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